Friday, April 22, 2011

Parada 22: Affordable, Yummy Puerto Rican Food

 About a month ago, Tristan and i were shopping for our White Party outfit. We'd already tried our usual downtown (which is a food story for another time) & decided to try the Haight. After all, it seemed like a costumey weird place. I hardly ever get over to the Haight. Well, we didn't luck out on any outfit things, but we DID luck out on food! All of that walking and shopping made us hungry, and checking on my Scoutmob app on my phone, I saw that we were right near a Puerto Rican food restaurant, Parada 22. I remembered reading about this place, and I'd never tried Puerto Rican food, so it was definitely a go!  Inside, it's very small, but lots to look at. I loved all the homey foods on the wall. We were seated right away, because it was a random time. So many good looking things on the menu! Both of us decided to try the Mofongo - green plantains mashed with sofrito served with camarones a la criolla. I was going to order a side of plantains, because I love them, but now there was no need! We also got salad, rice and beans.  The beans were more like a soup or daal, and were yummy. The salad was fresh, the spanish rice was flavorful. The mofongo was very good and I really didn't even know what I was eating, beyond the plaintains and the shrimp, but it tasted great! Tristan is half puerto rican, so he'd had mofongo before, apparently it is a very traditional dish.  He said this compared favorably with the food he'd eaten as a kid. To drink, I had their Citrus Mint drink, which turned out to be a minty soda. It was good, but too sweet for me. That may be because I was generally avoiding sugar at the time, and not used to it. Our whole meal was casual and homey, with excellent service, excellent food, and low prices. Who can argue with any of that? My trip to Parada 22 has made me realize that I love Puerto Rican food, so hopefully I'll be coming back. And, for those of you who enjoy their neighbor, Cha Cha Cha (I've never been), the two chefs are the founder/owner of that restaurant, and his cousin.

Photos by Merredith Lloyd

Parada 22 - Puerto Rican Food
1805 Haight Street San Francisco, CA 94117

Citrus Mint
Citrus Mint Drink

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  1. Wow, I see they even have a vegan dish -- and organic salad! Looks good!

    Is this a new restaurant? I haven't been to the Haight in ages.